Yesterday the new Path of Exile extension, named War of the Atlas, was released. A very good reason to play the game a lot the next few (or more than a few) days. Well, the weather in Europe is not the best at this moment so you have a great excuse to stay inside and play Path of Exile on the couch. In this blog we will tell you more about the new Path of Exile extension and GW2 Items.

More about War of the Atlas

On this new Path of Exile extension, War of the Atlas, there’s a new campaign. You’ll have to choose a side in the game, you can choose The Elder or The Shaper. The Elder is a new mysterious entity and POE character who’s going to battle The Shaper for control. He is also spreading decay. Before you can meet the Elder, you have to defeat four Elder Guardians.

There are 32 new randomized maps. When you find your way to the middle of the Atlas, you’ll discover a lot of new challenges on the way.

There is now a Abyss Challenge League where you can find new enemies and Abyss jewels.

You can also find four new skill gems in the theme of Necromancy. There are also six new gems who make changes to the skill gems who are already in your possession. You can find 50 new and unique items. This game is ever evolving!

Fall of Oriath extension

Earlier this year the Fall of Oriath extension was released. This year the game has 58% more players than the previous year! The players are now playing the game for at least 5 hours. We’re very curious about the impact of the new War of the Atlas extension!

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