If you start playing the POE game, it’s important to learn how to play the game. In this blog you’ll read everything about the four hybrid character classes. But before we tell you more about these Path of Exile hybrid character classes, you’ll have to know a few other things about the game. There are also three other character classes. When you finished reading this blog and information you’ll be a lot wiser and you are well prepared for playing this game.

The three main attributes in POE and the three pure character classes

There are three main attributes in Path of Exile. Every character class is connected to one or more main attributes. Do you already know these three main attributes? We have listed them with a short explanation of the strenghts of these attributes.
– Strength: This is just raw and brute power.
– Dexterity: This is agility in combat.
– Intelligence: This is knowledge.
The first three character classes are the pure character classes. That means the character class is just connected to one of the three main attributes.
The first three pure character classes are:
– Marauder (Strength attribute)
– Ranger (Dexterity attribute)
– Witch (Intelligence attribute)

The four hybrid character classes

There are also hybrid characters. Where the pure characters are connected to just one of the three attributes, the hybrid characters use a combination of these attributes. We have made a list for you with all these character classes and their attributes.
– The duelist: strength and dexterity
– The templar: strength and intelligence
– The shadow: Dexterity and intelligence
– The scion: Has all three attributes. Strenght, dexterity and intelligence.

Later in the game you can specialize your character by choosing a Ascendancy subclass. Do you want to know more about these ascendency subclasses? Just follow our blogs and get to know everything about Path of Exile.


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