Path of exile is a popular free online-only action RPG. RPG means Role Playing video Game. If you starting to play the game for the first time. It’s good to know more about the game, and how to play it. An important thing you’ll have to now when you start playing Path of Exile is how the seven playable character classes, or core classes, are associated with different attributes. Maybe you don’t know what character classes and attributes are in the game. But we’re going to tell you everything about these things.

The three main attributes in POE

Path of Exile uses three main attributes in the game. The attributes are strength, dexterity and intelligence. The different items in Path of Exile require different attributes before you can use them. The three different attributes will provide you certain inherent bonuses. The first three character classes are aligned with one of the three core attributes. We have also listed the three attributes to tell you more about the function of the different attributes.
– Strength: This is just raw and brute power.
– Dexterity: This is agility in combat.
– Intelligence: This is knowledge.

Which are the three pure character classes?

The character classes are associated with one of more attributes, like strength, dexterity and intelligence. You can choose a class for your character in a special creation screen. Later in the game you can also chose and Ascendancy subclass.
The seven character classes are sorted out in Pure characters and Hybrid Characters. The first three characters are aligned with one of the three core attributes.
The first three  pure character classes are:
– Marauder (Strength attribute)
– Ranger (Dexterity attribute)
– Witch (Intelligence attribute)

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